What we do

Communication through the Internet is a science where some expertises are not options:

A. Visual Branding: Expertise in branding, image building, and sustained communication.

B. Web Design & Development: Expertise in web programming, database development and management, up-to-date accessibility standards and interactive technologies.

C. Internet Marketing: Expertise in internet marketing planning, targeted traffic building, cost controlled web advertising campaigns and communication troubleshooting.

D. Website Maintenance: Expertise in web server security, anti-spam techniques, advanced content management systems (CMS).

Our team of copywriters are residents of New York, London, Paris and Beirut: they can manage seamlessly English, French and Arabic, content redaction. As our main team operates from Lebanon - at the gate of the Arab World - OWL offers high quality Arabic language design and website development, as well as a other latin languages such as italian, spanish, portugese and german.

Beyond the development of websites and visual identities, we offer various web services such as domain name registration, web hosting services, website monitoring, traffic analysis, e-commerce systems, installation and maintenance of open source scripts, database management, CMS, audio and video optimization for the Web, Flash & 3D animation, as well as few off-web digital services such as CD-rom and DVD publishing. Please contact us for more information.

The Lab

Some of the products of the Open Web Lab can be found in the lab section. OWL's team is dedicated to research and experimentation in order to provide the latest and the best.

Open Source

We actively support open source software. We believe open source is important for the growth of the internet as a medium of communication.

English, French, Arabic, etc.

Present in America, Europe and the Middle-East, our team of graphic designers and copyrighters is fluent in many languages.

Web Accessibility

We follow the standards formulated by the W3 organization. These standards enable people to create websites that will work in almost any browser or internet-enabled device.